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Safety Rules

  • No intentional face shots.
  • No physical contact with other players - no pushing, pulling, hitting, etc.
  • No wrestling weapons away from players
  • You must always wear the provided eye and body protection gears during battles

  • General Rules

    • No going outside the battle zones competition proper.
    • Tournament Format and Groupings will be done during the event.
    • Only nerf dart guns may be used - no water or other weapon types including melee weapons and discs.
    • Modified nerf guns are not allowed and Battery operated Nerf weapons are not allowed.
    • During time outs (called only by referees) - stop shooting (all attacks stop).
    • Do not shoot or throw anything over the fences, or out of bounds.
    • No whining, complaining, or arguing.
    • Do not throw or drop guns.
    • Help collect equipment and darts at the end of the war.
    • No looting of darts and weapons.
    • Players must leave battle zone with unloaded weapons, organizers will provide darts for the war.
    • Stipulations not stated in the ground rules, will be resolved by the tournament officials.

    Combat Rules

    • Do not start the battle/leave your base until the main whistle is blown signaling the start of battle.
    • Listen for the end-of-battle whistle (2 blows of the whistle) and report to the assembly area.
      1. only a referee can declare a player if he is eliminated from the game or wounded.
      2. only hits to the torso or head count as kills.
    • All soldiers only have 2 lives for each game.
    • If a soldier is hit for the first time, he or she must stop firing and enter the penalty box and stay there for 60 seconds before he/she re-enters the game.
    • Soldiers in the penalty box cannot use their weapons.
    • No Medic and Engineering privileges are in place.
    • If you are eliminated out of the battle -- take your weapon, raise your hand and go outside the battle zone.
    • If you are out of the battle zone do not communicate with other players.
    • There is no friendly fire -- shooting allies on purpose or accidentally does not do damage or kill them.

    Equipment Rules

    • Do not load or use damaged darts -- they will absolutely jam your gun. If no doubt stow it away as damaged.
    • You cannot throw darts -- they must be shot from a gun.
    • Try not to damage darts -- avoid stepping on them, avoid stuffing them roughly in your pockets.

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