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    Guess the Logo using the form below and win a Gift Certifictes from Starbucks.
    (Refer to the picture on the right)


    1. The Coffee Quiz Game is open to members & dependents only. Only 1 entry per share.

    2. Participants should fill out the registration details- complete name (given name & last name), e-mail address and their membership ID. Once registered, coffee quiz games begin.

    3. There will be 20 coffee/shop brands logo to be guessed (a box below the logos is provided to input answers.)

    4.Once answer sheet is submitted, answers can no longer be changed and will be subject for review.

    5. Winners will receive a coupon via e-mail to be presented to the Admin office to claim the prize.

    6. The promo begins on July 1, 2018 and ends once the 25 winners are declared.


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